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Anyone who owns or runs a business knows that there is a lot involved, and taking care of customers’ heating and cooling needs is definitely a big part of it. Let our specialists at Westcoast Mechanical Contractors help by preemptively taking the load off. With our new commercial construction HVAC services in Sanford, we can make systems more efficient and reliable from the start.

The Benefits of Installing HVAC Units During New Construction

Technically, a heater or cooling unit can be installed at a commercial establishment at any point in time. However, it is an especially smart idea to do this in the early days, when the building is still in its foundational stage. This is because contractors can easily arrange the units in a way that is more convenient and energy-efficient, rather than being forced to work with the current system. Duct networks, for example, are particularly challenging to maneuver around existing walls, wiring, and pipes. By having ducts installed from the very beginning, our experts can make them fit more easily, which also saves time and labor.

New construction installations are also great for saving costs. Since less material is needed to wind its way around the current infrastructure, this cuts expenses. Most importantly, business managers save time and money from having to go back and add HVAC systems later. When our experts set up HVAC units right from the start of construction, this directly helps profitability as well. 

Get in touch with our licensed experts at (407) 315-2006 or speak to us online for support with any brand, model, or make of a commercial unit.

Businesses We Work For

  • Trader Joes
  • LA Fitness
  • Academy Sports and Outdoors
  • City Furniture
  • Octa Pharma
  • Olympia
  • Publix
  • Target
  • USTA
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How Long Will Your New HVAC Units Last?

A commercial heating and cooling system is designed to last a long time, especially with the new advances made by the HVAC industry. Nevertheless, every system has an eventual expiration date and will need to be replaced. Certain elements affect when this date is, such as the amount of maintenance and care the system receives. Even a unit of the highest quality brands, installed by our dedicated professionals, can only survive so long without proper checkups. 

Additionally, the number of people using the heating and cooling each day, along with the overall size of the property, influence how hard the system must work. Regular tune-ups, with prompt troubleshooting of light issues, can alleviate the stress that a commercial HVAC system undergoes.

Always reach out to our knowledgeable team whenever noticing issues like:

  • Spots that are randomly cold or hot throughout the building
  • Low levels of airflow when the system is turned on
  • The inability to make the thermostat match the desired temperature
  • Continual cycling on and off of the system
  • Foul odors of burning metal, dust, or plastic
  • Client or staff members complaining of congestion, increased allergies, dizziness, coughing, and other side effects

While building HVAC systems into new construction may seem challenging at first, our specialists at Westcoast Mechanical Contractors are up for any task. 

Our new commercial construction HVAC services in Sanford are available to any business owner who simply calls us at (407) 315-2006 for a free estimate.