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Florida residents are well acquainted with the hot and humid weather of summer. Without a properly functioning AC, the sweltering heat can be downright unbearable. Fortunately, with a company like Westcoast Mechanical Contractors nearby, residents suffering from a malfunctioning AC don’t need to worry about where to find reliable air conditioning services in Sanford. We have over 100 years of collective experience, and there’s no issue too difficult for us to resolve. 

Our experts are trained to handle all your air conditioning needs, including: 

  • Air conditioning installations 
  • Air conditioning replacements 
  • Air conditioning repair 
  • Air conditioning general services 

Signs Your AC Needs Repair or Replacement 

All air conditioning systems are prone to experiencing issues from time to time, especially if the equipment is not well maintained. In most cases, AC breakdowns don’t happen all of the sudden. Instead, AC units typically fail because of a minor issue that has been left unresolved for too long. To make sure an air conditioner isn’t pushed beyond its capabilities, it is essential to look out for warning signs that it’s time to call a professional for assistance. 

There are several signs that indicate an air conditioner requires repair or replacement, including: 

  • AC system is blowing warm air 
  • Air conditioner thermostat is not functioning 
  • Reduced airflow coming from the vents 
  • Strange odors when the AC is on 
  • Loud noises on the inside of the AC unit 
  • AC fails to remove enough humidity 
  • Rising cooling bills 

Often, air conditioner issues can be fixed by a knowledgeable HVAC technician. However, if the AC is over 10 years old and repairs are becoming frequent, it’s likely time to consider investing in a replacement. Older AC units not only encounter more difficulties but also lack the efficiency and power to perform to most homeowners’ standards. 

Common Causes of AC Problems

One of the most frequent causes of AC issues is a dirty air filter. When the filter gets clogged with dirt and debris, it restricts airflow and prevents cool air from reaching your home. This restriction can overwork your system, leading to a breakdown.

Another common cause is a refrigerant leak. This problem occurs when the refrigerant, the substance responsible for cooling the air, spills out of the system.

Additionally, faulty electrical connections and broken coils can lead to AC problems.

Our AC Repair Process

We begin with a thorough assessment of the unit. This step helps us determine the root cause of the issue.

From there, our experienced technicians provide a detailed explanation of the repair process. We include the estimated cost and time required to complete the job.

Once you approve the work, our repair team starts repairing or replacing the faulty components. After we finish, we test the system to make sure everything works correctly before wrapping up the job.

Preventative Maintenance for Your AC System

Regularly scheduled maintenance keeps your air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently. We offer comprehensive maintenance services.

The benefits of preventative maintenance for your AC system include:

  • Preventing costly repairs
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns
  • Extending the system’s lifespan

We start by checking for leaks in the system and measuring the refrigerant levels. Then, we clean or replace the air filter. After that, we check the evaporator coil, condenser, and blower motors, making sure they are in good condition. We proceed to the next step, checking electrical connections for proper voltage and amperage, and we test the thermostat calibration. Finally, we assess the airflow, making any adjustments as necessary.

Take care of your AC troubles today by calling our licensed technicians at (407) 315-2006 or simply send us a message online. We’re ready to restore cool, refreshing air to your home. 

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Why It’s Important to Have the Right Size Air Conditioner 

When installing a new air conditioner, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Each home has different requirements and having the right size AC system is essential to maintaining maximum comfort and saving on energy bills. When an air conditioner is undersized, it will need to run constantly to reach the thermostat settings and provide sufficient cooling. This excess strain on the system raises utility bills, increases the frequency of repairs, and shortens the unit’s lifespan. 

Air conditioning systems that are too large can also cause problems. For one, the unit will cycle on and off too frequently, which drives up energy consumption and creates unnecessary wear and tear on the system. In addition, the AC will reach the temperature set point too quickly, preventing it from removing an adequate amount of humidity, which leaves the home feeling hot and sticky. 

Westcoast Mechanical Contractors is here to ensure homeowners get the right size AC for their needs and that it gets installed correctly. We’re also available for repair and maintenance calls if anything should go wrong during the life of the unit. 

Call (407) 315-2006 or send us a message online for quality air conditioning service from an experienced team of professionals. 

What Are Common Fixes for AC Not Cooling?

If your AC isn't cooling properly, there are several fixes you can try before calling in a professional. Some solutions include the following:

  • Check and replace the air filter, which can become clogged and prevent proper airflow.
  • Clean the evaporator coils, which can accumulate dirt and reduce the AC's ability to cool.
  • Check the refrigerant levels and ensure no leaks, which can improve cooling efficiency.

At Westcoast Mechanical Contractors, Inc., our experienced technicians specialize in air conditioning repair. We can diagnose and fix any issue with your AC. So don't suffer through the heat any longer. Contact Westcoast Mechanical Contractors, Inc. today for reliable and efficient air conditioning repair in Sanford, FL. So enjoy a comfortable indoor environment all year round.